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  • To see 2 people so totally in love after 18 years of marriage, does my soul the world of good! Took beautiful Vow Renewal ceremony yesterday
    2012/08/19 15:45 by web
  • Yoo Hoo she has done it! Well done my little Flossie!! Off to University!! So proud!!
    2012/08/16 10:12 by web
  • What better song to arrive to as you walk in to your wedding than The Power of Love!
    2012/08/13 07:09 by web
  • What a wonderful day! Conducted beautiful ceremony for beautiful couple Georgia and Dave in beautiful weather!
    2012/08/11 18:57 by web
  • More Golds today! Hurrah! We even have a letter box that has been painted gold in Bishops Stortford! Only receives gold letters!
    2012/08/07 17:46 by web
  • An Independent Civil Celebrant will make your special day extra special
    2012/08/06 20:41 by web
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