Baby Naming Ceremonies

Ceremonies written with you in mind and delivered help with writing a topic sentence to make your day special


A name is the main way in which family, friends and the community can identify each other and a name once given will be associated with a face, a smile, a voice, a laugh and all the other characteristics we all recognise in each other.


When a child is born the first question you ask is if it is a boy or a girl and how much did it weigh? The second question everyone asks is, what name has been chosen?


Your naming ceremony will confirm that name you have given to your child and is an important opportunity to celebrate this with your family and friends.


Today, more and more parents feel less comfortable about having a traditional church christening perhaps because they don’t hold any religious beliefs themselves.


Did you know that a Naming Ceremony is not a single faith ceremony which actually means that anything can be included. A perfect way to celebrate this addition to your family in so many personal ways. There is no set pattern to follow when planning the day. The choice of words is yours and you can include whatever you feel would be most appropriate and memorable. Where can you hold this ceremony? The answer is very simple, anywhere you like. It is just a matter of finding somewhere that suits.


How I can help. I have some lovely ideas to make this a memorable day. There are some beautiful readings out there and finding the most suitable one for the occasion is great fun. Additionally little symbolic ceremonies can be built into the day.


Godparents, Oddparents, Buddies? What name would you interesting research paper topics physics like to give them? You may wish for them to make promises to your child that you have chosen or indeed invite them to write their own personal words.


How does this all become a reality? What I like to do is to spend a couple of hours with you so that we can get to know each other and talk about your ideas. We will fine tune the ceremony together and once you are certain of the wording and order of events, all that’s left is for me to conduct the ceremony on the day.